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Peru Football team 2018

Fifa Ranking: 11 History: During the 19th century, British immigrants and Peruvians returning from England introduced football to Peru. In 1859, members of the capital Lima’s British community founded the Lima Cricket Club, Peru’s first organization dedicated to the practice of cricket, rugby, and football. These new sports became popular among the local upper-class over …

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Poland Football team 2018

Fifa Ranking: 7 History: The Polish Football Federation (Polski Związek Piłki Nożnej) was established on 20 December 1919 in Warsaw. Poland would play its first official international match on 18 December 1921 in Budapest, where the side lost to Hungary 1–0. Their first international win would come on 28 May 1922 where they took on Sweden in Stockholm and …

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Iceland Football team 2018

Fifa Ranking: 22 History: Although Úrvalsdeild, the Icelandic Football League, was founded in 1912, the country’s first international match was only played on 29 July 1930, against the Faroe Islands. Although Iceland won 1–0 away, both teams were at the time unaffiliated with FIFA. The first match officially recognized by FIFA took place in Reykjavík on 17 July …

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